What is a tracking number?

The idea is actually quite simple: attach a unique number to any item. This makes the item addressable. As this number is also a link to a web page, you can attach arbitrary information to that item.

A tracking number looks like this: troink.it/ien-c8b

The number is unique and will never be changed or reused, even if the item itself no longer exists. Thus we make sure that the item can always be identified unambiguously.

How can this be useful?

The information can be public or private. If it is public, you can advertise important facts about the item and you can get in contact with the owner. Or you can start a public discussion about the item. In case the information is private, you can attach details to the item which are relevant only for you.

Imagine you mark your keys with such a number. If they're lost, anyone who finds them can notify you without learning where you live. You can then get them back.

A number on, say, your washing machine can connect the machine to its manual. You can also log any events connected to this device like repairs, the website where you order spare parts or whatever information you like.

How do I attach a number to an item?

This actually depends on the item and the purpose. In the simplest case you can write the number by hand. We designed it to be short and memorable. You can also print a QR code or embed it into an RFID tag. It can be attached to a suitcase as a label or engraved or embossed on your bike.

What characters are allowed in a tracking number?

Since some characters look very similar to some others we left out those which are difficult to distinguish. At the moment there are only numbers and lower case letters except 'l' (lower case 'L'). If some day we add upper case letters we'll omit 'I' (upper case 'i') and 'O' (upper case 'o') so they can't be mixed up with '1' (one) and '0' (zero).

How much is it?

Well, that's the best part. Troink is free for personal use. Registering yourself is free and will always remain free. You can register up to 25 items without having to pay. If you need more numbers, please get in contact with us.

Why "Troink"?

Technically we call the number a Universal Item Tracking Number (UITN), but you will probably not notice this term at all. It doesn't sound sexy, does it? "Troink" is much funnier. You can "troink" an item which sounds like attaching something to it with vigor.

Got it. Get me started!

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